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My curricula vitae in EnglishItalian and Portuguese were updated.

Some links to social network tools I use (twitter, facebook, delicious, linkedin) were added to my website.

Tropos: a knowledge map

I’m launching today the tropos project; on tropos you can see the relationships between scholars, organised into a map.

The beta version includes only Brazilian o Brazil- related anthropologists.

The Greek word tropos means “direction”, and by this project I would like to help to understand the knowledge flow between people (and between people and institution).

The project page is


Morphological thoughts II

Morphological thoughts II

«Morphological correspondences form the basis of phylogenetic reconstruction» (Norman MacLeod, Peter L. Forey (orgs.), Morphology, shape and phylogeny, Taylor & Francis, London – New York 2002, p. 1).

See the course at the EHESS “Morphologie : des sciences sociales aux sciences du vivant et à l’architecture“.

Patchwork above, generated by Google Image, by a self-incremental series of pictures.

Debate about poverty in the global South and North

June the 24th ActionAid organized in Turin the debate “Una Mole di lavoro: prospettive e interrogativi sulla lotta alla povertà tra Nord e Sud del mondo” (A lot of work: perspectives and questions about the fight against poverty in the global North and global South). Tiziana Ciampolini (responsible person of the Caritas’ Study center about Poverty and Resources) and Marco De Ponte (ActionAid’s Italian Secretary general) discussed with the participants what poverty in a country of the global South and in Italy have in common; whether promoting human rights in Africa, Asia and Latin America could suggest sound strategies and best practices to resist social exclusion and inequalities in a city as Turin, or not.

This debate inaugurated the activities of ActionAid’s territorial presence in Torino. I participated to the organization of this meeting, as a part of my new job at ActionAid in Italy. Some analysis brought me back to Italy: the fading of the dichotomy between the North and the South, new and widespread kinds of poverty in Italy, the depression of the social and relation capital in Europe, the opportunity to use in the North practices and methodologies I adopted during my work promoting sustainable development in Brazil.

Disclaimer: the organization cited do not necessarily endorse the contents of this post.

Participatory planning to reconstruct riparian forest

Detail of a map, with the current use of the riverbank, done by the geoprocessing laboratory of the Instituto Socioambiental in 2011
Detail of a map, with the current use of the riverbank, done by the geoprocessing laboratory of the Instituto Socioambiental in 2011

The Instituto Socioambiental is right now implementing a project, called “Plano diretor para recomposição florestal visando à conservação de recursos hídricos da bacia hidrográfica do rio Ribeira de Iguape e Litoral sul” [Planning scheme for the forest reconstruction, aiming at the conservation of the water resources of the basin of the Ribeira river and the southern coast].

The project will define priority riverbank areas, to be reconstructed as riparian forest. The project involves representative of public bodies, farmers, trade unions, associations, among others, from about 20 municipalities of the Ribeira valley region, in the S. Paulo state. The project uses sound mapping tools, combined with participatory methodologies.

I’ve contributed as animator in two regional workshop, in Registro and Juquiá.