Conflict in the Renascer is intensifying and violence grows up

Attacks with fire arms, physical aggressions and  arson of the houses of the local people are recurrent. Since the beginning of the year, local people spread manifestos, denouncing the what it is happening and claiming for state intervention.

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Inhabitants of the Renascer Resex villages settle to prevent the exit of barges full of wood

Sunday, January 3, 2010, 12:52 AM – News
News published in the Instituto Socioambiental web site in December the 21st, 2009.

Since November the 27th, inhabitants of the Renascer Resex villages are settling at the exit of the Tamuataí river, in the municipality of Prainha (Pará, Brazil), near the border of the protected area, in order to prevent the exit of barges full of wood. The village people say that the wood was extracted illegally and explain they are fed up with waiting for the governmental patrolling.
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Inhabitants of the Renascer settle to prevent wood theft

luca fanelli / MAÌS, Pinguela no igarapé Tamuataí, mun. de Prainha (Brasil)

For 20 days until now, 200 people from local villages, try to prevent that the barges full of wood escape from the protected area (Resex Renascer). The wood come from illegal logging, within the protected area, in the municipality of Prainha, Pará, Brazil.

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