New function on tropos: relationships

Now is possible to see if and how two persons/ institutions are related one to another.

On the “list” page of the tropos website, choose two persons/ institutions and see if they are related, and who’s the “bridge” between the two ones.

The results are still limited to a two-step relationship; in other words, if there are three step from one persons/ institution until another one, the relationship won’t be found).

Tropos: a knowledge map

I’m launching today the tropos project; on tropos you can see the relationships between scholars, organised into a map.

The beta version includes only Brazilian o Brazil- related anthropologists.

The Greek word tropos means “direction”, and by this project I would like to help to understand the knowledge flow between people (and between people and institution).

The project page is


Photography as a source for history now online

Luca FANELLI, La fotografia come fonte storica [Photography as a source for history], «I viaggi di Erodoto», v. 40, 1999.

This article closes a sequence of works that deal – not directly, but gathering a lot of clues – with the question of the photography as a source for history; as the same time, in some way it anticipates another later group of works, more mature, that debated and deepened the understanding of this issue.

Download the article (.pdf/it/6,85Mb).

Works cited in the article.

Works related to the issue (some works cited in the article, with some other newer works).