Shape your ideas for YEPP

The project objective is to endorse and improve the skills and the capacities of a group of youngsters, by a learning and learning-by-doing experience, in the field of craftsmanship and creativity. The output is a prototype of a product (real of virtual) someway related with the Porta Palazzo neighborhood (in Turin), where the project takes place.

The young people are involved in workshop about looking for a job and self-entrepreneurship. They receive consulting to make and communicate the prototype. A psychologist helps in motivating them. The project started in July, 2014 and ended in July, 2015.

Shape your ideas was developed by ActionAid, ACLI, Apolié, ASAI and Parole in Movimento, within the framework of the YEPP Porta Palazzo programme (Youth Empowerment Partnership Programme), supported by Compagnia di San Paolo.

The Youth Empowerment Partnership Programme (YEPP) is “an innovative approach that brought together foundations, municipalities and local representatives… to address complex social challenges related to young people and to promote civic participation in disadvantaged communities across Europe” (see