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– Text of: Fanelli, Luca; Alves, Lissandra. Project “Support for the transition to an alternative plan of development for the Baixo-Amazon Region”, in Cirulli, Simone. Biological agriculture and international cooperation. Sustainable development perspectives in ISCOS-CISL’s Latin American and African projects. ISCOS: Rome, 2005.

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Articolo sul progetto Uirapuru su Musibrasil

Uirapurú, magia solidale

Un’associazione torinese coinvolge 460 famiglie di contadini della regione Baixo-Amazonas che vivono nei villaggi. Per favorire lo sviluppo sostenibile delle comunità e promuovere l’interscambio.

Articolo di Annalisa Dolzan, apparso sull’edizione del dicembre 2008 di Musibrasil. Leggi l’articolo.

Research and action for development

ricercazioneDuring the XXX International Congress of American Studies, Perugia, Italy, May 6-12, 2008, in the panel Amazonia. State of the Art of the Field Researches was debated the relationship between research, mainly in humanities and social sciences, and specifically anthropological, and development projects, mainly non-governmental.

Briefly, was affirmed the epistemological interdependence between research and action and the necessity of the tie between these two practices; at the same time, was noticed the segregation between research actors (mainly university) and development actors (mainly NGOs).

Read a resume of the debate (in Italian).