Museum of intolerances and exterminations

Museo delle Intolleranze e degli Stermini
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The Museum of intolerances and exterminations is a virtual museum produced by AMIS and developed by Zadìg.

The Museum of intolerances and exterminations has:

“the scope of preserving the memory of the intolerances and genocides of the past. These crimes do not represent distant relics, but constant dangers: in fact they persist in all the present factors of violence, ethnic conflicts, terrorism, violations and denial of human rights which provoke insecurity and call for a critical reading of the twentieth century. […]
This then is the possible significance of a museum of history: a virtual place where, through documents, testimonies, themed routes, one can try to revisit a repressed past and create a comparison across multiple and diverse memories. This is a museum whose intention is to highlight the cultural roots, the situations and the social mechanisms that have activated and encouraged racism and related intolerances” (from the Foreword, available here).

As a consultant of Zadìg – History, Culture and Multimedia I contributed to the development of the Museum of intolerances and exterminations in:

  • the direction of the multimedia production, together with Burkhard Schwetje;
  • the database development and the programming of the web site and the CDrom, together with Consuelo Schiavone;
  • the writing of the “Key word” section and the editing of the “Historical tracks”, together with Flavio Febbraro.

Go to the Museum web site (some parts of the site are both in Italian and English, some only in Italian).