Fiera di semi tradizionali rafforza l’unione dei contadini “quilombola”

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Woman and cultivated plot in Bombas, Iporanga (SP). Sept. 2010
Pict. 1. Donna e le sue coltivazioni, nel villaggio di Bombas, Iporanga (SP), Brasile. Set. 2010
Old and new house in Cangume, Itaoca (SP). Sept. 2010
Pict. 2. Il vecchio e il nuovo nelle abitazioni del villaggio di Cangume, Itaoca (SP), Brasile. Set. 2010
The river, the plot and the house, in Praia Grande, Iporanga (SP). Sept. 2010
Pict. 3. Il fiume, il campo e la casa, nel villaggio di Praia Grande, Iporanga (SP), Brasile. Set. 2010

Land managment in Angola, Bolivia, Brazil and Mozambique

A concept note was submitted to the European Union, in answer to the call “Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development” (EuropeAid/129492/C/ACT/TPS).

The title of the project is “Sustainable development of regions characterised by indigenous and tradicional peoples, by a participatory, fair and sustainable land management (ordenamento territorial )”.

The applicant is the Instituto Socioambiental, and the partners are: Associação Construindo Comunidades (ACC), of Angola, GVC, and RETE, of Italy and the Open Society, of South Africa. The countries involved in the proposal are: Angola, Bolivia, Brazil and Mozambique.

I was in charge of the partners co-ordination and the writing of the proposal. For more information, please send me an email.