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Luca FANELLI, La fotografia come fonte storica, «I viaggi di Erodoto», v. 40, 1999.

Questo articolo si pone a chiusura di una serie di testi che affrontarono, non direttamente, ma con una grande ricchezza di spunti, la questione della fotografia come fonte storica, e in un certo modo anticipa un’altro gruppo di scritti, più maturi, che hanno tematizzato, discusso ed approfondito il tema.

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Luca FANELLI, La fotografia come fonte storica [Photography as a source for history], «I viaggi di Erodoto», v. 40, 1999.

This article closes a sequence of works that deal – not directly, but gathering a lot of clues – with the question of the photography as a source for history; as the same time, in some way it anticipates another later group of works, more mature, that debated and deepened the understanding of this issue.

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Luca FANELLI, La fotografia come fonte storica [A fotografia como fonte para a história], «I viaggi di Erodoto», v. 40, 1999.

Este artigo fecha uma fase, onde várias obras relacionaram-se à questão da fotografia como fonte para a história, não fazendo isso de forma direta, mas sim proporcionando um grande volume de idéias e sugestões; de alguma forma, ele antecede um outro grupo de trabalhos, mais maduros, que se confrontam com o assunto mais amplamente e mais profundamente.

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Il diritto di cambiareThe right to changeO direito de mudar

Cover of the ActionAid's book

On the occasion of the United Nations’ World Day of Social Justice, ActionAid International Italy launched a new book: Il diritto di cambiare. Le sfide della giustizia sociale in Italia e nel mondo [The right to change. The challenges of the social justice in Italy and in the world] (ed. Infinito).

“Social justice – as we read on the back cover – is the opportunity for everyone to be included in her/his own society, to participate to the decision making that affect him/her, and to be granted a sufficient level of security, of education and of access to information”.

But why “the right to change”? In order to mainstream social justice, a deep change is needed; and the willingness of a person and of a community «to engage him/herself is the first requirement for those who pursue a change» (p. 10).

The book points out some cases of promotion of the social justice, in the Southern as in the Northern part of the world, organised in three main areas: food right, women rights and citizen participation.

The book resulted from a joint work within the organisation. I contributed with the research for the case related to food right in Italy.

ActionAid International Italy web site.

Link to book page on the publisher website (in Italian).

Seminando la sostenibilità (palma Euterpe edulis)Sowing sustentability (Euterpe edulis palm)Semeando sustentabilidade (a palmeira Euterpe edulis)

Sowing sustentability. The juçara and the quilombola villages in the Ribeira ValleySemeando sustentabilidade . A juçara e as comunidades quilombolas no Vale do Ribeira [Sowing sustentability. The juçara and the quilombola villages in the Ribeira Valley] presents, in a simple and pleasant way, some issue related to the conservation, the management and the use of the juçara palm (Euterpe edulis) and, more specifically the results of a project, supported by the Ministry of the Environment PDA programme.

Contents: Map to a scale of 1:160.000 of the project implementation region, pointing out the quilombola villages, the protected areas and the main activities executed – Pictures with explanation – The juçara, the Ribeira Valley and the project: a chronology – The ecological knowledge of the quilombola people about the juçara palm – A participatory tool used to debate within the communities the problems related to the juçara management – Project results – Next challenges – Another experience with juçara palm management in the Atlantic Forest – Elucidation about set of rules about juçara palm.

Sowing sustentability was published by the Instituto Socioambiental (ISA), with the support of the PDA Programme of the Ministry of the Environment. I edited this publication, together with Nilto Tatto.

Sowing sustentability is in Portuguese, and an on-line version could be downloaded here.

Site 0.10 – Publication about Biological agriculture and international cooperation in Italian

Content added:

Luca FANELLI, Lissandra ALVES, Progetto “Appoggio alla transizione al piano di sviluppo alternativo del Baixo-Amazonas”, in Simone CIRULLI (org.), Agricoltura biologica e cooperazione internazionale. Prospettive di sviluppo sostenibile nel programmi in America Latina e Africa dell’ISCOS-CISL, ISCOS, Roma 2005.

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Site 0.8 – Publication about Biological agriculture and international cooperation

Content added:

– Text of: Fanelli, Luca; Alves, Lissandra. Project “Support for the transition to an alternative plan of development for the Baixo-Amazon Region”, in Cirulli, Simone. Biological agriculture and international cooperation. Sustainable development perspectives in ISCOS-CISL’s Latin American and African projects. ISCOS: Rome, 2005.

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