Seminando la sostenibilità (palma Euterpe edulis)Sowing sustentability (Euterpe edulis palm)Semeando sustentabilidade (a palmeira Euterpe edulis)

Sowing sustentability. The juçara and the quilombola villages in the Ribeira ValleySemeando sustentabilidade . A juçara e as comunidades quilombolas no Vale do Ribeira [Sowing sustentability. The juçara and the quilombola villages in the Ribeira Valley] presents, in a simple and pleasant way, some issue related to the conservation, the management and the use of the juçara palm (Euterpe edulis) and, more specifically the results of a project, supported by the Ministry of the Environment PDA programme.

Contents: Map to a scale of 1:160.000 of the project implementation region, pointing out the quilombola villages, the protected areas and the main activities executed – Pictures with explanation – The juçara, the Ribeira Valley and the project: a chronology – The ecological knowledge of the quilombola people about the juçara palm – A participatory tool used to debate within the communities the problems related to the juçara management – Project results – Next challenges – Another experience with juçara palm management in the Atlantic Forest – Elucidation about set of rules about juçara palm.

Sowing sustentability was published by the Instituto Socioambiental (ISA), with the support of the PDA Programme of the Ministry of the Environment. I edited this publication, together with Nilto Tatto.

Sowing sustentability is in Portuguese, and an on-line version could be downloaded here.

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