Dibattito sulla povertà nel Nord e nel Sud del mondoDebate about poverty in the global South and NorthDebate sobre pobreza no Norte e no Sul do planeta

June the 24th ActionAid organized in Turin the debate “Una Mole di lavoro: prospettive e interrogativi sulla lotta alla povertà tra Nord e Sud del mondo” (A lot of work: perspectives and questions about the fight against poverty in the global North and global South). Tiziana Ciampolini (responsible person of the Caritas’ Study center about Poverty and Resources) and Marco De Ponte (ActionAid’s Italian Secretary general) discussed with the participants what poverty in a country of the global South and in Italy have in common; whether promoting human rights in Africa, Asia and Latin America could suggest sound strategies and best practices to resist social exclusion and inequalities in a city as Turin, or not.

This debate inaugurated the activities of ActionAid’s territorial presence in Torino. I participated to the organization of this meeting, as a part of my new job at ActionAid in Italy. Some analysis brought me back to Italy: the fading of the dichotomy between the North and the South, new and widespread kinds of poverty in Italy, the depression of the social and relation capital in Europe, the opportunity to use in the North practices and methodologies I adopted during my work promoting sustainable development in Brazil.

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