Evento gastronomico a S. PauloGastronomic event in S. PauloEvento gastronômico a S. Paulo

My badge at the Semana Mesa SP

Semana Mesa SP is one of the most important Latin American gastronomic events; in 2010 comes to its 4th edition; this year issue is “What gastronomy could do for the plantet?”, an incipient, but clear stance to put gastronomy outside the restaurants walls.

I participated to the event presenting the piracui (fish flour) Tamuá both in the Instituto Slow Food São Paulo stall and the Gustavo Rocha panel “Poke de filhote com guyoza de piracuí ao molho de açaí [Amazonian catfish* poke and piracui guyoza with açai** sauce]”, and speaking about landraces in the Claudia Mattos panel “Petit Gateau Nativo [Native petit gateau]”, that presented an innovative way to combine rice and beans.

* Branchyplathystoma filamentosum.

** Pulp of the Euterpe oleracea palm fruits.

Studenti dell’Università di Scienze Gastronomiche e afro-discendenti realizzano un workshop di cucinaItalian University students and quilombos create cooking workshopsEstudantes de universidade italiana e quilombos realizam oficina de cozinha

The table with all the ingredients collected in the Ivaporunduva village. Photo: Luca Fanelli/ISA
The table with all the ingredients collected in the Ivaporunduva village. Photo: Luca Fanelli/ISA

Coming from Piemonte (Italy), the students of the University of Gastronomic Sciences (UniSG) created, together with local cooks, two workshops in the Ribeira Valley quilombos of Ivaporunduva (Eldorado, SP, Brazil) and Mandira (Cananéia, SP, Brazil).

Read more on the Instituto Socioambiental web site (in Portuguese).

Late in October the Brazilian journal O Estado de São Paulo published an article about the trip. See it (in Portuguese).

UniSG in BrasileUniSG in BrazilUniSG no Brazil

I’ve just created a new blog, UniSG in Brazil , to follow the visit of a group of the Università di Scienze Gastronomiche di Pollenzo in Brazil. The Instituto Slow Food S. Paulo will go with the group in S. Paulo, while the Instituto Socioambiental will bring to discover the Vale do Ribeira.

Go to the blog (in Italian).