the anthropologists map (beta) - last updated Jan. 28, 2012

On tropos you can see the relationships between scholars, organised into a map. The beta version includes only Brazilian o Brazil- related anthropologists. If you are interesed in expanding the map, or to develop the project, please send me an email:

Ok, but how does it work?

First, you can give a glimpse to the whole map (please move yourself within the map using the scrollbars); then, you can see the list of scholars and institutions, pick one person or institution and see the relationship regarding him/ her/ it: by cliking on the name, you see all the relationship, but you can also see only the relationship toward or starting from him/ her/ it (please note that the flow goes from the "teacher" toward his/ her student). And, finally, you can also see if and how two persons/ institutions are related one to another, using the drop-down boxes and search on the list page (this search is limited to a two-step search; in other words, if there are three step from one persons/ institution until another one, the relationship won't be found).

Anything more?

The blue square is a person, the black one an istitution; the grey line points out which is the institution a person belongs to; the orange ones, his/ her studies.

Please give your like to this project and comment it here.

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Credits: my cousin A. pointed out to me the great Philipp Strathausen's script (